Personalised Crystal Balloon in Pearly Pastel

Consists of

  • a 24-inch personalised confetti crystal balloon
  • 3 pcs of 11-inch confetti balloons (latex)
  • 5 pcs of 11-inch pearly pastel balloons (latex)  


Add a personalised message in black/colors (non metallic)  on the crystal balloon for someone special. 


All balloons are filled with metallic gold and white round confetti and tied with curling ribbons.  


Filled with helium, the crystal balloon can stay afloat for 1-2 weeks, depending on the conditions that the balloon is kept at.


The confetti balloons (latex) has a float time of approx 6-8 hours. 


Keep it away from the direct sun/heat and sharp object to prevent popping. 



Water balloon weight - the most economical way to secure your balloons to the ground. Size is adjustable to accomodate any number of balloons. 

Personalised Crystal Balloon in Pearly Pastel

Water Balloon Weight
  • #Tip 1: The best time to pick up your helium latex balloons is 1-2 hours before your party as the 12-inch confetti balloons (latex) have a float time of 6-8 hours depending on conditions where the balloons are kept at. 


    #Tip 2: Avoid exposing the confetti balloons (latex) to the direct sun or outdoor environment during daytime as the sunlight, heat, temperature fluctuation and humidity will accelerate the rate of oxidation. The clear latex layer will turn cloudy over time and end up looking frosty! Also, balloons typically float for half as long under the hot and humid weather, or even pop when under direct hot sun. 


    #Tip 3: Prevent the balloons from popping by keeping them away from rough surfaces, sharp objects (e.g. bushes, trees) etc and not squeezing them in tight space. 


    #Tip 3: If you find the confetti papers have gathered at the bottom of the balloons (latex), you can roll the confetti to the side of the balloon and use your hand to rub over the surface, the confetti will stick to the side due to the static electricity!

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