Neon Burst Balloons

Neon Burst Series consists of a mix of 11-inch neon blue, neon green, neon pink, neon orange, neon violet, & neon magenta balloons.

The balloons are helium inflated and tied with curling ribbons.

Each quantity comes in the set of 10 balloons.
If your order quantity does not come in multiples of 10, please contact us directly for order.


If you have specific quantity requirement for each colours, please indicated in the 'Any special instruction to us' textbox, otherwise colours will be picked with random quantity.



  • mini water balloon weight - the most economical way to secure your balloons to the ground. Size is adjustable to accomodate any number of balloons in a bouquet. You may find more weight designs at our Accessories page!
  • hi-float treament - Opt for this if you would like your balloons to float for a longer duration. Do refer to the additional info below for more details of the float times.

Neon Burst Balloons

Add Balloon Weight
Add Hi-Float Treatment
  • The best time to pick up your helium latex balloons is 2-3 hours before your party as the balloons have a float time of 8-12 hours depending on conditions where the balloons are kept at. 


    Balloons typically float for half as long under the hot and humid weather, or may even pop when under direct hot sun.

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