24" Personalised Rose Gold Balloon /w Mini Balloons

A 24-inch crystal balloon

  • come with your personalised message in Rose Gold 
  • is filled with mini balloons in Rose Gold and
  • tied with a satin ribbon . 


For the customised design on the balloon, you can choose either text only or text with decorative elements.


Text only:

1) any one of the 4 available designs (As seen in the images)

2) choose your own fonts


Text with decorative elements

1) same design as the featured balloon

2) custom design according to your preference


You can choose any colours available from our charts, for the mini balloons. 



  • mini water balloon weight - the most economical way to secure your balloons to the ground. Size is adjustable to accomodate any number of balloons in a bouquet. You may find more weight designs at our Accessories page!
  • gift tag - add that extra special touch to your balloon gift with custom printed gift tag. Let your recipient know who's the sender!  We use white card stock for maximum printing quality.  


Lead time: approx 3-5 days

24" Personalised Rose Gold Balloon /w Mini Balloons

Select Font Design (Refer to image chart)
Add Balloon Weight
Add Gift Tag
  • #Tip 1: Filled with helium, the 24-inch crystal balloon can stay afloat for 1-2 weeks, depending on the conditions that the balloon is kept in. 


    #Tip 2: Prevent the balloons from popping by

    1. Keeping them away from direct sun/heat, rough & metallic surfaces, sharp objects e.g. bushes, trees etc
    2. Not squeezing them in tight space. 
    3. Not storing them in confined areas for example, car boot, esp. under our hot sunny weather
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